At first, this course seemed to me difficult. It involved so much things. This semester I had no extra time, I was very busy. I hesitated about the course of CALL’s homeworks. Could I make them or could I learn new and beneficial things.

       Now, we are about the finish our works aboout CALL. I made a mistake there 🙂 because I have learnt lots of interesting, effective and useful knowledge about CALL.

       Absolutely, I am planning use all of the learnings in my future teaching. Today, the students are so clever and they know everything about technology also they can use technological devices effectively.

      As an English teacher, we have to catch this technological development. This course has helped us about it, thank you teacher 🙂



 Second life is very imaginative world 😀 it is a 3d platform where you can create your own person, your home and etc. In this world everone is real. You can make anything you want to do via second life. It is an enjoyable platform for me.

      The sims is one of the my favorite game,  the second life is similar to thus I also liked it. Let’s think about it, for instance 10 years ago could we think this kind of technologies?

       Using of these devices enhances our imagination and maybe we can think differently from before…

Movie maker vs. storyjumper..

 If these two tools make a battle, I think the winner will be the storyjumper. This is first time for me, I have learned storyjumper this week. I liked it so much, all tool such as props, scenes and etc are at hand in storyjumper. I think using it is very easy even the young students can write their own book via storyjumper.

     If you teach to young learner especially, 5 to 10 ages you can use storyjumper, I strongly advise to you… It is very colourful, I maybe seems to you funny but I also enjoy while write a children book in storyjumper… It was very enjoyable, making up a story use props, scenes and etc. and you create a new story for your young students 🙂


 We mostly used these two tools both for eduction and for our special lives. If we didin’t control our facebook account, we could miss something about our courses, our exams or homeworks.

   Indeed, we have to use them 🙂 Also we can use them on our phones, they are always with us.

According to my observations, people generally prefer using facebook in place of twitter. On the other hand people are more relax in twitter, they can express themselves eaisly. However, they are very crucial parts of our lİves.

    For instance, one day my phone was out of order and I couldn’t inform my family about it, finally thanks to these tools I inform my family.

  Without these tools I couln’t continue my life anymore… 😀


It is a educational platform allows to teaching or learning in a virtual teaching atmosphere.

I liked it so much, there is no difference from virtual classroom atmosphere. There is a board, students can raise their hands for answering questions or say something, every students can write something on the board if the teacher allows it.

      Also there is a chat section on the right side, thus students and the teacher can talk each other eaisily.

       Every students from their homes, can join the classroom via this platform. It is one of the my favorite tool for using in teaching, it can seems enjoyable for students. And I promise that, I will try to use it my teaching also.

The nicenet and dokeos

Our topics were nicenet and dokeos. For  classroom works these tools can be used. The teacher can give homeworks and can add some material to here.The students can chat with their friends.

     I remember that the dokeos is more useful than nicenet. The nicenet consist of simpler settings in it. On the other hand dokeos is more complex and effective.

     Beside facebook these two programmes can be used for education for me. Because the students can be bored easily from same things. These can be alternative education tools.




This week our topic was prezi. It is an extraordinary tool for presentations.if you don’t like powerpoint or it seems to you boring, please learn to use the prezi immediately 🙂 it is wonderful and different from ordinary presentation tools.

      For instance; there is no new thing in power point and people can be bored with it easily. Same themes, same colors and etc, the audience don’t expect new thing in power point, on the other hand in prezi there are lots of opportunities for picking up audiences attention.

      Especially, in education the usage of prezi should be effective. The information can be more permanent than other tools. I will use the prezi in my teaching definetely. It is an excellent tool for me.